History of the lake


Often you will read of an owners struggle to find
the perfect venue over the course of many months or even years so as to imply how few great waters

truly exist. Our journey was a little different...

we bought the 2nd lake we saw and simply

committed to the investment needed to offer
a truly luxury carping experience.


Moulin de Passais had operated as an english owned

venue prior to our purchase in 2009 but was long

overdue an upgrade. Our work on both the lakeside

environment and accomodation has been borne out

of 20 years french carping experience and a curiosity

to see how far we can take the improvements to

achieve the WOW factor. That endeavour continues

today and will not stop as long as we own the lake.



Our Ethos

Simply put, we seek to attract experienced carp anglers

who appreciate quality and an emphasis on fish care.

We wouldn't suit anglers who are new to the sport or

those who seek a social and lively carping experience.

If you appreciate peace, solitude and a lake exclusively for you and your party

with no false promises, then we should be on your short list!

Unforgettable Fishing Holidays

We hope that you'll take a moment to look at our site and the facilities we offer to make your stay truly unforgettable