Quality tried and tested baits
at sensible prices

All available to pre order ready for your arrival


We offer two types of highly digestible bait at Passias dependent

on the season and your preference.

  • Maple Nut Birdfood with tiger nut and maple

  • Tuna & Garlic Fishmeal with a winning combo

5kg = £40 / €45

10kg = £75 / €90


12mm cereal pellet with 25% protein and 3% oil content. Breakdown times are up to 60 minutes dependent on water temperature.
Can be coated with a liquid for maximum
food signal.

  • Energiser Liquid 250ml £7 / €10

5kg = £15 / €20

10kg = £25 / €35


We limit particle baiting to 5kg per person (dry weight) and focus on

our core seeds of maize and wheat which are fed in huge quantities to the fish in the close season and are readily eaten

by the fish.

5kg -Dry Weight
= £20 / €25

Hook Baits


We stock a range of specialists hook bait options on site

including our favourite Dispersion Pop-Ups in various sizes and colours including ultra bright Glo range.
Simple pricing across our range of tubs available on site.


Flavours include:
Chocmint, Coconut, Peachamino, Pineapple and more...


All hook bait tubs (Various Flavours) = £6 / €7

Tactical Baiting Options

We can also offer you a range of additional items

throughout your week that might just help put extra fish

on the bank. We package most in convenient buckets that

are obviously yours to keep.

  • 3kg mixed pellet bucket with 100ml of CSL - £10 / €14
  • 3kg bucket of groundbait with 100ml of CSL - £10 / €14
  • 2kg bucket of Nash ball pellet - £5 / €6

Contact us direct or via facebook messenger to place a bait order for your trip


We also have a range of essential end tackle items in our convenient onsite tackle shop

from brands such as Nash, Gardner and MCF all at sensible prices.

Unforgettable Fishing Holidays

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