If you do what you always did,

you'll get what you always got!


Of course the mood of any lake can change by the hour

due to any number of factors. Climactic influences,

seasonal variances, lake physiology and that's before

you even start to consider your own tactics.


We will do our best to advise you on the 'going'

methods when you visit Passais but in advance,

and based on 5 years of visiting guests, I would make

these four simple observations which might help

you plan your strategy.

Planning and patience pay off

When you arrive, take time to talk to us about where fish

have been caught and consider your baiting plan for

the week. It is best to try and pinpoint an area you will

commit to feed on a regular basis throughout your stay

and the key is to adhere to this strategy even when the fish

don't appear to be feeding. When you start changing your

area, you start to chase the fish instead of bringing them

to you. In an ideal world, spend Saturday afternoon

choosing spots, baiting and setting up. Feed your areas

before dark and get a good nights sleep in the cottage.

An early start on Sunday after an unpressured early feed

can yield wonders....

Work each and every rod


If you're going to fish with 3 rods, really try to fish with

3 different tactics. Try a bottom bait, a pop-up and wafter

and see what works. Experiment with colours, baiting

strategies and how often you reposition to see what is the

winning method. Fishing in identical manner will reduce

your opportunity to catch well by over 50% if you're not


Rest and don't be greedy


If you find am area and catch well, that's great but remain

disciplined and don't forget to rest the area regularly,

feed them and remove your lines from the water so the

carps' confidence remains thoughout your week.

Bait boats are an excellent example of where sometimes,

a spot will blow quickly simply because of the constant

pressure, lack of free feed and or no variation of tactics.


If you are catching well, don't be afraid to feed the fish

Our prices for bait are incredibly cheap as we want you to feed the fish and catch as many as possible.

It is not uncommon for us to bait with up to 100kg of feed per day in the close season

so you really shouldn't be afraid of baiting say, 10kg of pellet in one go.

You will be amazed at how quickly even a small shoal of carp can clear this level of feed.


Unforgettable Fishing Holidays

We hope that you'll take a moment to look at our site and the facilities we offer to make your stay truly unforgettable