About our Fish

Currently we hold a stock of approximately 150 carp for

your angling pleasure and whilst you will find waters of a

similar size and great stocking density, our fish inhabit

a low stress environment and grow vigorously,

fight strongly and look spectacular for the camera.


We have carefully managed the stock to ensure good

rates of growth and monitor this through the use of micro

chip technology, sensible rules and common sense.

We have a passion for ensuring our fish are in the best

of health and do all that we can to promote a low stress

environment for the carp. Water quality is at the heart of

a good fishery and we work hard every day to ensure

our carp live in a high quality aquatic environment.



Stock weights vary considerably throughout a season and it would be easy to provide
pre-spawning weights to boost the appeal of our lake. However, over a 12 month rolling period,

we would estimate the current Passais stock to consist of the following;


2-3 x 50lb Carp


15 x 40lb Carp


80 x 30lb Carp


35 x 25lb+ Carp


10-15 x Future Specials

In addition to the mirror and common carp, we have

approx. 8 grass carp between 25 and 50b, a few koi up to

20lb, some tench and a healthy stock of zander to keep the silver fish population under control.

Fish Care

At the heart of our fishery is our continuing fish

care policy which ensures that all of the fish you will

catch will be in the very best of health.


We supply a range of high quality equipment for your

use whilst at the lake which includes;


  • Unhooking Mats
  • Giant Carp Cradles
  • Weigh Slings
  • Iodine

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