About the Lake

Moulin de Passais is a mature 5 acre lake heavily tree

lined and sheltered from the elements. Moulin is the

French word for 'Mill' and the water from the lake would

have once been used to power the old mill workings

in our home. The lake dates back over 70 years and

operates a traditional monk system that allows us to

drain the lake and manage the water efficiently.


With good depth variations and large areas of both

deep and shallow water, the lake has an excellent

climate for the fish and with our careful management,

the carp are prospering in this excellent environment.

Comfortable Swims

With 8 well thought out swims including 3 that can

accomodate 2 anglers, we have tried to offer a range of

different angling options that range from close in stalking

to longer range casting and bait boat applications.


All of the swims and pathways are laid with a generous

ayer of woodchip that has established over several seasons

of steady application which means water drainage is

excellent and we guarantee no muddy boots at Passais.

Even in the harshest conditions, a pair of Crocs would

keep you nice and clean!

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For weekly catch reports and up to date

information on Moulin de Passais,

visit our Facebook page.

We also operate a dedicated Group page

for our clients to exchange information,

tactics and tips on how to have

a great week at Passais.


Lake Rules


Our venue suits the more experienced discerning angler

so we try to keep our rules to an absolute minimum and

rely on common sense and experience.  We want all of our

guests to enjoy an unforgettable weeks fishing at Passais

so we ask you to observe these simple guidelines to ensure

everyone has a great time.

3 dedicated carp rods per person
(we allow an additional rod for float fishing purposes only)

Only mono or flourocarbon main lines permitted,

no braided main lines thank you

Barbless hooks only

Simple rig mechanics:
- No lead core or leaders of any kind
- No naked chod set-ups
- Simple pattern barbless hooks
(no curved hooks or aggressive shrink tubing)

No unattended rods - especially when using the cottage

No shelf life baits permitted - fresh or frozen only please

No sacking of fish in any circumstances

Please carefully observe our fish care policies as

indicated in each swim

Life jackets are available for our boat and are strongly


We have carefully designed 8 swims at Passais

with each offering a range of angling options.

3 of these swims can accomodate 2 anglers

making for a more social environment.


Our Swims

1. Boathouse

2. Old Man’s Corner

3. Friendlys 1

4. Freindlys 2 (2 MAN SWIM)

5. Hideaway 1

6. Hideaway 2

7. Poplars (2 MAN SWIM)

8. Mill View (2 MAN SWIM)

Our Fish


Our well stocked lake offers a selection of hand picked fish up to 50lb and includes a few surprises!


Unforgettable Fishing Holidays

We hope that you'll take a moment to look at our site and the facilities we offer to make your stay truly unforgettable